Trigonometry Graphs

Euclidean Geometry

Rates of Reaction including Collision Theory

Limits & Differentiation from First Principle

Sketch Cubic Graph

The Doppler Effect

Organic Compounds: Physical & Chemical Properties

Cubic Function / Polynomial: Long Division

Cubic Function / Polynomial: Synthetic Division

Compound Reactions: Oxidation Substitution Addition Elimination


Trigonometry: including Compound & Double Angle Identities

Financial Maths: Growth & Decay

Functions & Inverse Functions

IUPAC Naming of Organic Compounds

Difference between Aldehydes & Ketones

Difference between Carboxylic Acids & Esters

Difference between Haloalkanes & Alcohols

Hydrocarbons: Alkanes, Alkenes, Alkynes

Organic Chemistry Intro

Momentum & Impulse Lesson

Quadratic Sequence / Pattern

Geometric Sequence & Series

Arithmetic Sequence Tutorial

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