Learning styles and how to effectively use them

People are able to grasp information and understand it when they are taught in their personal learning style. There are three common types of learners, these are: Auditory, Visual, and kinaesthetic. While everyone can learn using all of these styles, there is usually one style that is dominant in each person.

Let’s take a look at the three learning styles

  • Auditory learners – These are those that learn best by listening. They typically like to learn through reading aloud, discussing, and listening to a lecture or teacher speaking.

  • Visual learners – These are those that learn best by looking at pictures or words. They typically like to learn through images, graphs, charts, drawings, written down words, and any other visual aid.

  • Kinesthetic learner – These are those that learn best through experience, touching, and feeling. They typically like to learn through physically manipulating information, and writing themselves.

How to effectively use learning styles in tutoring

Best results could be achieved if you could incorporate all three learning styles. For example, you can have instructions briefly written and then verbally explain them out loud. Include kinesthetic learning by having the learner write the information themselves. If possible include role-playing, simulations, videos, or any sort of manipulatives such as games.

Here at MV Tutors, when we tutor online we incorporate all three learning styles in each session. We begin with a visual aid of a past exam question which is also written down. With this vision in mind we explain to the learner that the session will be focused on learning the principles needed to answer the question. In explaining the principles verbally we also involve the learner in writing them down and discussing whatever concerns or questions they might have. Finally we manipulate the information through using the principles to answer different questions before we tackle the past exam question we posted as the vision we were to achieve.

In conclusion since each learner has a dominant learning style, you would notice that:

  • Auditory learners would read the instructions out loud
  • Visual learners would create word webs, diagrams, or any other visual aid
  • Kinesthetic learners would write down the information they want to learn and use it in different ways.

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