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MV Tutors is a company offering Mathematics and physical science tutoring online

When we were in high school, we used to hear our fellow friends saying how hard maths is and how they hate physics too.

They would often think that they are not smart enough to improve or even get distinctions.

And sure enough we would see their marks sink lower and lower.

This would in turn make them feel stupid and discouraged.

So because of that, we started to empathize with every learner that was struggling with their academics.

Now that we are parents, we meet other parents who have dreams to see their child do well in maths and physics.

We see children who want to make their parents proud by excelling.

We hear parents saying they want their child to pass well enough so that they can go to a better school or a University of their choice.

We also hear parents saying they just want to see their children love and appreciate their studies.

It is because of these reasons that we (husband and wife) Fikakahle Manana and Tsholofetso Manana started tutoring maths and physics.

MV Tutors stands for Manana Ventures Tutors, therefore, it is a family business where Fika and Tsholo are the ones doing the tutoring.

Today we are able to help high school learners all around the country because of the opportunities provided for by online tutoring.

So wherever you are, let us be of assistance in closing the maths and physics gap in your child or you. Book your free consultation now. 

Also visit our College on www.mathsphysicscollege.co.za if you are looking to rewrite and upgrade your matric marks in these critical subjects.

Meet the tutors



Fika completed his Civil Engineering Degree at the University of KwaZulu Natal. He is a full time tutor and a lecturer at a college level. He specializes in tutoring Matric students Mathematics and Physics. He loves seeing his students improve their marks and progress.



Tsholo is also a Civil Engineering honours graduate, she completed hers at the University of Pretoria. She is currently working as a design engineer for a consulting company. However, her first love is to tutor Mathematics and Physical Science. She gets excited at the opportunity of tutoring students towards improving their marks.

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